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Plastic Recycling and More

Agricultural, Industrial, and Residential

Farmers are getting used to recycling their plastic waste products, which has benefitted them and the environment. Reclaim Northwest, LLC. is located at 199 H Street Road, just west of the Guide. Duane Brandsma and his team will be happy to assist you in making a difference. Give him a call to discuss what you would like to recycle. Products that are recyclable include supersacks, twine, bags, drip tape, pesticide containers (triple rinsed), berry flats, drums, buckets, shrink wrap, etc. The material needs to be reasonably clean without non-plastic materials included.

Avoid landfills. Recycling wastes just makes good sense.

Why Recycle ?

What’s the matter with a bonfire fueled by plastic wastes, or with plowing old mulch or dairy film into a field or piling it out-of-the-way? The primary problems are that open burning adds pollutants to the air that pose risks to human health, and dumping can compromise water quality and future farm operations, not to mention that random piles of used, partly-degraded plastics are unsightly. Recycling improves environment quality.